Endowment (Waqf) Shares:

To provide the opportunity for individuals and charitable organizations, the total amount of the project ($6,300,000) was divided into 6300 endowment shares, $1000 per share. Any individual, donor or organization can endow the appropriate number of shares as they see fit.


For enquiries and donation:

Your donations are directly accepted on the special bank account:

•Bank of Palestine – Al Remal branch – University Endowment Project (Waqf)

•Account no. 2109171


•IBAN (€) PS47PALS045421091710333000000

•IBAN ($) PS42PALS045421091710013000000

** The donor is given share certificates according to the number of endowed shares.


You can visit University Endowment Project (Waqf) page where you can donate for the shares on:


or you can donate directly by visiting Resource Development Center at IUG.

For more information:

• Islamic University of Gaza – University Endowment Project (Waqf)

• Tel: +970595010525

• Email: waqf@iugaza.edu.ps