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IUG Endowment Building (Waqf)

Endowment(Waqf) is an essential element of social solidarity in any community. Endowment guarantees the continuity and protection of money to be used in supporting charity projects and helping needy people. The Islamic University of Gaza(IUG) in strongly believes in the importance of endowment to fulfill its mission and vision to provide higher education opportunities for all categories of the Palestinian society. More


Endowment (Waqf) Shares:

To provide the opportunity for individuals and charitable organizations, the total amount of the project ($6,300,000) was divided into 6300 endowment shares, $1000 per share. Any individual, donor or organization can endow the appropriate number of shares as they see fit. More


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• Islamic University of Gaza – University Endowment Project (Waqf)

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